“The beauty of corals lies in its form, in this form in its entirety, in the noble aspect of the shared city.
Each of its inhabitants is modest, but their republic is imposing.” Jules Michelet, La Mer.

“To Michelet’s vision, coral can be seen as a labourer, capable of erecting gigantic works of architecture through a communal effort. The transformation of their bodies into their own works of art occurs through a natural form of progress without violence and catastrophe.” Horst Bredekamp, Darwin’s Corals.  

My hope is that we can find inspiration in these invisible cities, so that we - in a communal effort - improve environmental conditions and let these cities thrive.

‘In a desperate attempt to survive increasing ocean heat waves due to climate change, some corals glow in vibrant colour.’ Glowing Glowing Gone
When a coral bleaches, it is not dead but they are under more stress and are subject to mortality. NOAA

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