Swim spots you might like too!

Piscina das Marés (Portugal)

Alvaro Siza’s ocean pool (1966) opened after 2y of renovations on June 23, 2021


Sidi Harazem (Morocco)

Renovations of Jean-François Zevaco’s Thermal Vals (1960)

Outdoor pool at Hotel Sidi Harazem

Jian Guo Public Pool (Taiwan)

Jian Guo Road public swimming pool:  my weekly dipping spot during my 6 weeks stay in Taipei. 

Kallbadhuset Varberg (Sweden)

Coldwater Moorish style bath house, dating back to the first half of the 19th century.

Cullera, Spain

FLOW (Belgium)

Yes, Brussels has an outdoor pool (July 2021)

Aquatic Centre Marcinelle (Belgium)

Checkers underwater in Charleroi. Pool built based on the plans of Jacques Depelsenaire in the fifties and beautifully transformed by Reservoir A (2010-2014)